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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 19, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the fox business network we have a patriotic millionaire who has no problem paying more in taxes. oh, really? that should be fun. all right, everybody. "the five." >> dana: i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: we begin tonight with breaking news overseas. sixth straight day of fight in the middle east, israel continues to defend itself bombing new targets in the gaza strip. terrorists launched more than 1,000 rockets in to israel since last wednesday. president obama has been working with world leaders to diffuse the crisis. fox's david lee miller is live in southern israel with the latest on the conflict. david? >> reporter: at this hour, top ministry in israel are meeting behind closed doors to discuss a post-cease-fire
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agreement. as they continue to talk, the bloodshed continues. in the past if hours, israel continued to attack sites in gazsites ingaza. in total they targeted 1400 sites. among them, a stadium, a sports stadium where the israelis said hamas militants were launching rockets to israel. among the other targets, the media center where they say the militants were using communications facilities to get in touch with people on the ground. in total, more than 100 palestinians have been killed. half of them civilians. among them 1 11 civilians. all of them from the same family. most women and children killed from a single airstrike over the weekend. israel says the strike was the result of targeting the home of a rocket mastermind who was working for the militants. meanwhile, the militants in gaza continue to fire rockets in to israel. today, more than 100 rockets
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were launched. almost half of them were intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system here. nevertheless, two schools were hit. the results could have been catastrophic. but the classes were not in session because of the ongoing conflict. notably there were no rockets launched headed in the direction of tel aviv. lastly, over my shoulder in the distance, you can take a look. see the iron dome system here in southern israel. five batteries throughout the country. when there are rockets fired, this missile defense system is operated. i hold in my hand, this is something you very rarely get a chance to take a look at this. is what is left of one of the interceptor missiles. this fell to the ground after a hit. a rocket, that was fired from gaza. what you can see are a number of cameras and great deal of electronics. sophisticated piece of equipment. the missile costs $40,000.
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the israelis say it has saved not only millions of dollars in damage, but also countless lives. back to you. >> dana: all right. david lee miller, thank you for update from the region. eric get to you first. you have been looking at this. you a map. >> eric: take the telestrator. this is very important. david lee pointed things out. here is what is going on. israel put a flotilla barricade up so no arms could come in west bank. sorry, in the gaza strip via the water. what is happening is the arms are coming through egypt in tunnels. coming literally through the country of egypt. the problem is they are coming from iran. in to egypt. in to the tums and in the gaza strip. they are shot from gaza to tel aviv. david lee mentioned today, but tell avive has seen missiles and jerusalem here, tel aviv ssiles are going this way. the issue here, this is hamas. hamas is a terrorist organization who are targeting population, civilian population centers within
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israel. that's why israel is retaliating with so many strikes back to the gaza strip. hezbollah and palestinians are more than willing to violate some geneva act, war crimes targeting the civilians. >> dana: they will. we want bob's take on this. first, listen to president obama who said america does stand with israel. >> there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. so we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. >> dana: that is president obama. of course, the leader of israel has words to say as well. listen to him. >> i hope that hamas and the other terror organizations in gaza got the message. if not, israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to defend our
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people. >> dana: so president obama, bob, saying that america would be standing with israel. although, signal that a ground offensive in gaza would not be welcome or supported. netanyahu knows that international p.r. efforts, that there is a limit to how much people can take. we saw some of the pictures. why now do you think this is happening with hamas? >> bob: a couple of reasons. hamas is testing the obama administration and testing the muslim brotherhood egypt now the center of the negotiations for diplomacy, of which they know nothing about. the other two is turkey and qatar. it's interesting that israel's allies around the world, only two come out and said in defense of israel. britain and obama and the united states. the rest of them are holding back. one of the reasons is they don't want to see invasion of gaza like israel did the last time where a lot of people died including a lot of israelis. i think everything will be done to try to keep that off the table. and see if they can get a
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negotiated settlement. it will do away with barricades on gaza with a long-term commitment by gaza not to launch missiles. >> dana: andrea, that issue of a long-term situation or solving it quickly. hamas and netanyahu said we don't want a short-term solution. we want something more lasting. that would include something that both sides say they won't do. from your per speculative, you were talking earlier i morning about the timing of it. when you get a second term as a president, and second terms are usually filled with foreign policy. this is the first test of the second obama administration. >> andrea: right. a lot of people are looking at the timing and they are speculating. there is no proof of this. but they are speculating why after the enext? was there some kind of deal cut? i read on a blog by netanyahu. it will let you have peace and then i'll fight back after the election. i'll tell you, this has been going on for a long time. israel faced five wars to protect itself. every time it's won.
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i am not sure you can't look at this without looking at president obama's statement. may 19, 2011, he said the starting point for may negotiation should be '67 borders. this is not something that israel wants at all. it was a willing sign to palestinians and the arab world, listen, go get them. i would say it predates '67 and goes to 1948. that is when israel got independence. i agree with israel, they should do everything they can to protect themselves. believe me, they don't want this war. they don't want violence. >> dana: let's get greg in here about the media. if i could play a sound bite from ralph peters who was on earlier with megyn kelly. take a look. >> hamas hamas is very, very goo at the propaganda side for several reasons. one, they hide behind human shields. they shoot rockets from playgrounds. they put quarterbac headquarters
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under hospitals. there are civilian casualties. it's tragic. but hamas welcomes that as an effective tool of warfare, because they know the hostile to israel global media will just beat that up. >> dana: greg, from the media perspective, what do you think? >> greg: what year is this? 2012. i can't tell if it's 2012, 1992, 1982ers 1972. the middle east turmoil, unrest. it's just there. will be there forever. i'm so used to it now. in this case, however, this is a proxy war between the united states and iran. the thing i love about the global left. they prefer the fundamentalist mullahs so they hate america. they're thugs but because america is -- israel represents america it's okay. civilian deaths. ralph peters is correct to point out that is media ca catnip.
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can i keep going? i was sitting here quiet for a while. i'm tired of hearing the word "negotiation" in all of this. when a guy starts bombing you and you have to negotiate to get them to stop bombing, that reasoning a mugging is also a negotiation over your wallet. it makes no sense. for a president, i sympathize with president obama. it's like running in to an old acquaintance on the street you avoid eye contact because when you talk to them, you can't get out of the conversation. that is the middle east. once you get involved in the conversation, you can't get out of it. i see president obama trying to avoid eye contact as much as possible. it fear that this is not about israel. this is about iran and the united states. and a large war that is comin coming. >> eric: bob, i have to correct you on something. my good friend, you are brilliant and you have been around a long time. hamas is not testing the muslim brotherhood. hamas is outshoot of the muslim brotherhood. they are part of the muslim brotherhood. that's why they have a map up there -- take a look again. the most important part of the
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map is the border between the gaza strip an egypt right there, because mohammed morsi right now from the muslim brotherhood has a choice to make. will he cut off the arms that are supplied in the gaza strip through egypt? or will he not? will he continue to let iran play in israel's backyard with their rockets? the choice is his. >> bob: exactly why hamas is testing the muslim brotherhood to see if they will go ahead or enter in diplomacy. every negotiation in peace treaty started with the 1967 borders. the argument here from hamas' stand point is egypt going to stand with them or with the international community? egypt has always been in forefront of negotiating the peace treaties. 'canes is the first time -- >> dana: is the first time an eruption has happened since arab spring in egypt. >> andrea: look back to history a lot of the wars that egypt fought was with israel. mubarak. mubarak was an ally of israel. people forget that. now because we have told him
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to step down and he left, we now have the muslim brotherhood in. egypt is not a friend of israel. netanyahu is looking at this going wait a minute. to your point, we are supposed to negotiate with hamas. a terrorist organization? israel is going to broker -- >> bob: am i ever going to convince you that the united states did not order mubarak to get out of power? 1.5 million people in the middle of the country. >> andrea: egypt is now against israel. >> dana: last word to greg. >> greg: i am tired of the occupier argument. this person occupied that. every one, at one point was an occupier. before "the five," there was beck. before beck, there was john gibson. tech flick we are occupying john gibson hour. i see him in the hallway and we get along great. >> eric: this is the united states state department. do you see what this is? number seven down the list, that is hamas. it's under the category of foreign terrorist organizatio organizations.
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>> bob: that is something new. >> dana: we have been talking about middle east peace for decades. we are going to go. and then come back with new information on who changed susan rice's talking points before she went to five sunday shows to talk about the terrorist attack in benghazi? greg has that. later, don't miss greg's cooking segment. that is ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so it looks like the white house changed the talking points that called the attack in benghazi the work of al-qaeda. the tiny edit they made. al-qaeda reference became act of extremism to fed in the spontaneous mob narrative, that thanks to susan rice spread like an office cold. from there, more people died. we know who pushed the video i think. now the question is >> i and will they tell us? they are trying hard not to. this is an administration suffering from wordophobia.
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fear of using language to accurately describe stuff. they consider fort hood massacre a workplace violence, which is calling ted bundy a bad boyfriend. video cause spontaneous upset is euphemism for what we call terror. you heard of double speak. this is triple speak to confuse the listener and hide unpleasant facts. this isn't a george orwell book and four americans are dead. why the latest example of obama speak? timing. al-qaeda attack before the election, that is like a jerk throwing up in the punch bowl. the whole obama destroying al-qaeda story becomes shakier than ikeea bookcase. so let's blame amateur video maker. in plain language it's a coverup. the president talks about how great education is, he is the great unlearner. i get dumber every time i hear him, which is why the more he talks the more i understand him. all right, bob. all right.
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we know who did it now. >> bob: who is that? >> greg: the guy, the person who pushed the video. we now know. >> bob: who is it in >> greg: i thought you were going say who it was. it's the white house. yes, it was. >> bob: no. it was not the white house. what happened here, by the way, the attacks on susan rice are disgraceful. >> greg: oh, please. >> bob: disgusting by a degenerate group of people in the senate who have no right to do this. >> greg: you a hero to women everywhere, bob. the help you have done for women, especially eastern european women. great for you. >> bob: is that necessary? >> greg: no. >> bob: what happened here, the c.i.a. put in the talking points and they mentioned, said it was al-qaeda. it was not al-qaeda. al-qaeda they named the adopted. leaving it aside, in the meaning of the various department of the united states government who are responsible for this, somebody took it out. when it went to the white house talking points that did not have al-qaeda in there,be or the terrorist organization. somebody was looking to defend
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obama before the election. i understand that. i don't know who that was. but that doesn't make susan rice any different. she was given talking points and she knew nothing different about that. >> andrea: bob, just admitted that somebody omitted the term "al-qaeda" to help barack obama before the election? >> bob: part of that is al-qaeda doesn't exist. it's a ridiculous -- >> andrea: save that clip. i think we need to use it over and over again. it was political appointees who took it out. we knew that. it wouldn't be a good storyline if somehow before an election on 9/11 country was attacked. it's not just that. it's not just what they should be finding out about, who pushed the video. buff find out why the embassy or the consulate was not secured when it had had been attacked twice before and the british embassy had been attacked and they requested more security green green berets and they pulled out the green berets. nobody can answer that. >> bob: let me make a point. 9/11, al-qaeda was international organization. well funded and organized. today is something south of a
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california gang war. >> eric: that is not fair to say. >> bob: it is, true. it is. >> greg: l.a. gangs? >> bob: what would you say about it? >> eric: because it splintered off to cells and it doesn't fall under one man's rule. that being made it's weaker or not more vast? there is an argument to be made it's in yemen, it's in libyan, lebanon. it might be bigger than it was on 9/11 of 2001. >> bob: a lot of terrorist organizations -- >> eric: let's get back to the topic. why white house scrubbed al-qaeda from -- >> bob: they didn't scrub it. >> eric: whatever they did. the white house -- >> bob: they didn't do it. >> eric: two questions. number one, why did they do it? i disagree. i don't think they did it because of an attack on american soil prior to election is bad thing. go to las vegas the day after four americans are dead or in the hours of aftermath of four americans dying, isn't good. a and there is no way to cover that up. >> greg: fair point.
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>> eric: number two, you guys may not agree with me even on the right, why did general petraeus -- i just can't figure out why petraeus with his own talking points, and they went with the other. >> andrea: no evidence for a video. >> greg: he had other things on his mind. >> dana: is there any doubt what the white house storyline would have been and what the talking points would have been had they prevented the attack and disrupted it? then would the leaks about the national security and disrupting the attack from al-qaeda -- they called it al-qaeda when they disrupted the underwear bomber and he came from the same area. i assume that is still al-qaeda. there is a simple way to find this out. if president obama wanted. to he tells his chief of staff, round up the top -- i want to know who sent this. get this out in the open. i want it done by 3:00 tomorrow. believe me, it could get done if they wanted it to. but they don't. >> andrea: so obvious there was never any evidence for a video. the c.i.a. originally said it was terror. why or how did they get a story about a video, i have no
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idea. >> bob: do you think the protests were about the video the other 21 countries about that? >> greg: it's us blaming the video. >> bob:be maybe. >> andrea: if you want to get to egypt why would the muslim brotherhood gen up the video on the embassy? we don't talk about that a lot. it's going great in egypt, right, bob? great in egypt. >> bob: you have no evidence they ginned that up. ridiculous. >> eric: night of the attack i went to youtube to check it out. there were 3,000 views of that. there were more people protesting than who had seen the video at that point. >> bob: but it was broadcast -- >> dana: blame for the speech -- when you are a cabinet level officer -- you know, the other thing they said is that ambassador rice didn't have anything to do with benghazi. then why send her out to all the talk shows if she is going to be completely divorced from it? what were -- none of this make sense. believe me, when you have a breaking news event, you put the person who is most responsible and most knowledgeable on tv. it notice that none of the men
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stuck up for her. where is clapper? donilon? they let her, let her blame the video and they ruined her reputation. it blame the men. >> bob: they hung her out to try because nobody else would do it. hillary clinton wouldn't do it after colin powell's experience -- >> andrea: already hung her out to die. two female human shields. one is hillary clinton and other is susan rice. >> bob: don't accuse susan rice being part of a conspiracy. she was given talking points to say. >> dana: let me tell you something as spokesperson. you have an obligation to say are you correct? ask the next question and think it through. you have a responsibility for your words. you have can't just blame that somebody else told me to say it. >> eric: can i give >> you example? a lot of time they write something for you in the script, camera three, right? sometimes you say i'm not going to say that. >> greg: that is all the time. >> bob: if you are her, why would you go out anyway after colin powell's experience? >> dana: always bring it
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back. >> andrea: the administration refuses to acknowledge terror when it happens. it's always a lone wolf or isolated incident or video. >> bob: series of weapons of mass destruction. that got us in a war. >> greg: on that note -- >> dana: i knew at some point deep in their hearts they really do believe it's president bush's fault. >> greg: coming up, chris christie used to be funny. but now is he becoming a jokebe? we'll take a look at the governor's actions lately next on "the five." if you leave now, dana will strangle a goldfish. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. if you leer like most of us
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conservatives you are wonder what is going on with the g.o.p.? if you are a regular "the five" viewer you know i have been concerned with the divide in the party. two things that make my blood boil. number one, rhinos, republicans in name only acting like democrats and establishment republicans taking on the tea party conservatives. that is two. two threats to the g.o.p. and two reasons they have four more years of obama monics. first, look at the republican acting like a democrat. governor chris christie, slobbering wet kiss to obama days before the election. had us shaking collective head and this appearance on "saturday night live" while jersey suffers from power outals, destroyed homes and massive job losses. >> is there anything while you are here you want to say to people of new jersey? >> if i could, i'd like to thank the red cross and first responders. i'd also give a special thank to lovely wife mary pat christie is here tonight who put up with a husband that smelled like a wet sleeve for three weeks. >> you have been wearing that a lot. >> it's fused to my skin.
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>> i have seen you wearing suits. >> i wear them over the fleece. i am going to die in this fleece. >> that is okay. it's a good fleece. >> stop saying things i have already said. >> all right. okay! >> eric: that was our little editorial. my idea to throw up the examples of my state, they are still in turmoil, still without power and whatnot and the destruction going on. he's on "saturday night live." dana, too soon for that? >> dana: yes. i do think, one of the hardest things to do is get a great call like that in the press office. we would love to have you on "saturday night live." you think maybe it's too soon? but it's a great opportunity and maybe the time passed. i think i would have turned them down a few more weeks. i thought he had a funny thing on friday. at an event he was asked about twinkies. he said that is a trick question. i'm not answering it. he could have left it at that. i don't want to be a fuddy duddy but i would have put it off a couple of weeks. >> greg: i imagine 600 sheep
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must have died to make the fleece. the gov said people who are angry at him didn't see it because they don't have power. it doesn't matter. i think we get it. he has a bit of an attention addiction. he got a taste of popularity. he thinks he can do this and now he can entertain. we get it. he likes bruce springstein. he got to meet bruce springstein. no reason to turn in to chris farley. >> dana: how is it different from the obama administration? all the popular music? >> --good at the -- >> greg: more obvious about it. i don't think it's that bad what he did. >> eric: that is the issue, though. you are acting like a democrat. you are a republican, but you are acting like a democrat. >> bob: because the president helped you? >> dana: no. "saturday night live." >> eric: he is spending anytime front of the camera. >> bob: you said the conservative versus the rhinos and the establishment. i don't understand what that means but tell you what it means for sure in polling data, exit polls the tea party
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represents small part of the republican party. you do, too. >> eric: i'm glad you said that. ad lib this. bill kristol i was going to take down for the way he is talking about the tea party. but thereon the sound bite. >> -- but listen to the sound bite. >> i don't think the republicans have the leverage or worth using the leverage to maintain the rates at 3% instead of 37-38%, especially for the millionaires. i don't think economically it's matter of policy important enough. tea party guys don't care that much if a few millionaires pay a couple more in taxes honestly. >> eric: i think he doesn't get the essence of the tea party. brilliant guy. i love him. like what he does. but saying that the tea party is okay with raising taxes is off base. >> andrea: i think people do care. i think he is wrong on that. why it's important is if they raise taxes on the rich, then it becomes a discussion following that immediately, well, we need to raise them on the near rich. because there is not enough rich to go around and not enough rich income to go around. i want to go back to chris christie. i think it was poor judgment on his part. but this is payback.
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i think a lot of people are angry that he came out and not just lobbed kisses on the president, like you said. he was making out with the president. they are very, very upset about it. i think that that is why he is getting this -- rudy went on 9/11, in a tasteful way on "saturday night live" after 9/11. but he was honoring the victims. i want to ask bob a quick question. do you think that there is any kind of deal cut that christie maybe went to the white house and said listen, i want to run again. don't counsel down on me too soon if i give you a wet kiss if i run against corey booker? >> bob: i don't think so. i think look, as long as the thoughts and depending on what he said was haley barbour. you don't get more conservative than haley barbour as a governor went through this. he understood what it was about. the other thing i'd sea to you, the tea party, you will have to show me where the tea party had an impact anywhere in the congressional races or senate races except to lose one and help mitt romney.
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you are talking about organization. >> tea party has infrastructure, you know it. >> bob: did a lot of good for allen west, didn't it? >> eric: the history of the tea party is after a president wins, after president obama won in 2008, 2010, they were strong. 2014, they will be strong in congress. >> greg: the republicans should act like democrats to immerse themselveses in pop culture and go in and entering that world previously they have been scared of. >> eric: can't we all just get along on the right? coming up, first it was twinkies now airports and big box retailers. what will bad labor relations mean for your trip gnom home? and the trip to the store. ♪ ♪
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i'm shannon bream in washington. the big story here is the escalating conflict the middle east between israel and palestinians in gaza. tonight on special we're live on the border. the israeli air aquality continues. more than 100 palestinians have been killed. rockets from gaza continue to sore toward israel. threatening civilians. the government there says the iron dome defense system shot down half of them today. we'll see how the conflict if its in the largeer middle east picture and we will look at a day in life in a nation undersiege. growing op in addition congress to possible nomination to u.n. embass sore susan rice as the secretary of state. 97 house republicans sent a letter to the president complaining about rice's statements following the attack in the u.s. mission in libya. rice attributeed the assault to outrage over anti-muslim film despite intelligence that it was an organized terror strike. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern from washington. now back to new york and "the five." ♪
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♪ >> andrea: black friday is a few days away. shoppers across the country are getting ready for the crazy christmas deals. but if you show that the largesy not be anyone there. union officials are promising a blackout on black friday at wal-mart. all right, bob. it looks like the workers at wal-mart are upset. they have a minimum hourly pay of $13. they want -- sorry, $12.57. they want higher wages of $13 and the option to work full time. i would point out they will endure 36% increase in the health premiums. it wonder who they voted for. if they voted for obama don't blame me. what is going on here? >> bob: what is going on is wal-mart does not have a union representing them. largest company in the united states not unionized. trying to unionize for a long time. wal-mart is afraid of the
2:41 pm
workers organizing the collective right to bargain. they squash people when they do it. the meat cutters tried to take them on and organize them, they closed down the wal-mart store. wal-mart has a long and disastrous history of being anti-worker. people do it because they need the jobs. i agree with you on that. but i component think it will work. there are too many stores and not enough organizational tools to get wal-mart and hurt them. >> andrea: in this economy, if they don't like it, shouldn't they leave -- >> eric: can i point out. you said wal-mart has long and disastrous history. 12 million workers. they bring jobs and lower prices. it sounds like wal-mart business mod is right. anyone who tries to unionize within wal-mart risks the store. they want to shut down the store. >> bob: can you live on $12.57 an hour? >> eric: irregardless, a lot of people could. free market for labor and things. congratulations wal-mart. if anything, they unionized,
2:42 pm
or the quasi unionized workers should look at hostess and say the whole place could shout down if they do this. >> andrea: what should wal-mart as they prepare for busiest day in shopping say? they can't say get the heck out and bring new people in. i guess they could. >> dana: timing wise from workers porous perspective, perfect timing. everyone is talking about black friday. america needs strong retail season to help financially. i don't understand why there couldn't discussion about the incentive. mitch daniels, goes as the governor of indiana. turns it around. dmv is great example. how did he do it? incentive pay. it would be great if wal-mart said we would work together and make sure we are the best retailer. if that happens, excellent results. i think the more predictable schedule thing. if you are a single mom or dad you could want a predictable schedule to pick up your kid on time from school and get them to sports or whatever. when they ask for less expensive healthcare plan that
2:43 pm
is a fantasy world. that is not going to happen unless you're on medicaid. >> bob: they offer a healthcare plan and employees have to pay for it. this is -- >> andrea: eventually they could be all pushe pushed in the exchanges. >> bob: that is right. it may be funny but you live on $400 take-home a week. >> andrea: i don't think the obamacare changes are funny at all. if you voted for him you can't complain that your premium goes up. >> bob: premium goes down because of it. >> andrea: they have gone up $2,500. it's not just the wal-mart employees. it's workers at lax and everyone will be traveling. so this could cause problems. on the west coast. >> greg: it's a lot of janitors. we all know how spotless the l.a. bathrooms are. first, stick to the language. get rid of the name "black friday." c'mon. it's racist. blackout and blackbe friday. what are you people thinking? also, i'm tired of people calling thanksgiving turkey day. that is an idiotic locution
2:44 pm
created by the p.c. to ensure we're not nation guardful for anything. if you are thankful for anything, it's highe a higher p. >> bob: what is lucutoin mean? >> greg: a word. there is a higher power and it's bill o'reilly. >> bob: what is it? >> andrea: the strikes are coming at an interesting time. people are travelling. >> dana: they learned from france. this happened in france when they strike in france, they do it around a holiday. i don't think they strike at any other time. it gets people like oh, my gosh, it focuses the mind. i can see why from a p.r. standpoint they do it at the holiday season. we are talking about it. >> bob: again, not pilot torse mechanics. the planes will fly fine. it's dirty bathrooms. what sale else is new? >> dana: i think they work hard. a lot of people to keep up with. incentive pay is better way the go. >> andrea: a quick programming note.
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"the five" will have a special show on thig. please try to carve out a little time for us at 5:00 on thursday. coming up, did you miss this on friday? >> this is the end of an era. maker of twinkies. [ laughter ] sorry, folks. >> andrea: i just love it when bob starts laughing. he wasn't happy at the prospect of no more twinkies but there are new developments today that may make him happy. don't move. ♪ ♪ having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier.
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2:50 pm
>> greg: it is not right. >> dana: make sure that lid is on. >> bob: are we on now? >> greg: we are. >> bob: for any of you who might not have seen the show on friday you missed a spectacular performance by yours truly. it had a twinkie breakdown. we have a clip of what happened. look at this while greg makes up whatever he is making up. >> hostess brand is the maker of twinkie. wonwonder burgers. >> greg: wonder boogers? >> bob: sorry, folks. >> greg: ve lost this segment. [ laughter ] we have lost this segment. >> bob: all right, look. there are certain things once in a while, i have been a union man all my life. once in a while vu to break with your brethren over certain things. the strike has ended, twinkies. >> crying now? >> yes. it was so funny.
2:51 pm
>> sorry about the opening but i couldn't get through it. something hit me. >> yeah. trying to get through this. now, the good news today is that texas judge where hostess is headquartered has ordered the company and the unions to get back together to see if they can work out a deal. if not, several companies want to buy twinkies and also ho-hos, which is great. whoever does, that please. i give you great admiration an hope. what greg has decided to do here is see if he can make up a twinkie milkshake. >> greg: when i heard they were liquidating hostess i was thinking liquidating twinkies. why haven't i thought of that? like opposite of slim fast. >> dana: fat shakes. [ blending ] >> greg: this looks delicious. >> dana: i think that is good. >> greg: all right. >> dana: it looks good. >> greg: dana said she would
2:52 pm
be the first to try. >> dana: i didn't. >> greg: i fed this to jasper. >> bob: you just thought of this? >> greg: i thought of this when we talked about -- >> andrea: it looks delicious. uh-oh. >> greg: this is the first time there has ever been a twinkie shake. that is amazing. amazing! >> bob: eric, get some of that. is that good? >> andrea: that is really good. >> greg: it's disgusting. >> andrea: this could save twinkie. >> greg: disgusting and wonderful. i don't have the time to chew. i'm in a hurry and i want a twinkie, i will drink my twinkie. >> andrea: bob pounded it. >> greg: he drank the whole thing. >> bob: that was brilliant. >> andrea: you even have the mustache. got twinkie? >> bob: i got heat for saying there is only one better thing than twinkies and i meant to say eating ho-hoes. i hope they get together.
2:53 pm
unions and the hostess. >> andrea: eating ho-hos? you would say that. wouldn't you? >> bob: listen, let's get serious. is there any chance -- [ laughter ] do you think the unions will get together with the company? >> eric: i think they want it to go. >> dana: one more thing. >> bob: one more -- [ laughter ] >> dana: unmore thing is up next. -- one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
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2:57 pm
>> dana: time for one more thing. half having made a twinkie shake, bob is having a little bit of time so we will start time before bob loses it. >> eric: it would be great if he lose it on tv. >> dana: speak for yourself. >> eric: camera three, take bob. take a listen to joe biden. what is he thinking? >> so as the president up with the governor we're not going anywhere, we're not going anywhere. and you got a homeboy in the deal, who gets it. >> eric: okay. he wants to run for president in 2015. think about this. i'll keep doing this. material. >> dana: homeboy. all right. greg? >> greg: great bill schultz from "red eye" the awesome fox
2:58 pm
news show. hit the street to see if anybody read my book "joy of hate." >> greg has a book out in time for the holidays. he has been private about it. we thought we would hit the street the push it. is it something you would purchase for you or a loved one? >> no. >> is it something you purchase for hate ones? >> probably would. >> this guy is on the shady side. check the eyes out. >> what do you see from the eyes aside from a complete lack of soul? >> hmmm. >> i see hmmm as well. if y cover, it looks like he is saying hmmmm. do it together. hmmm. >> dana: that was a great shameless plug. >> greg: nobody liked it. >> andrea: hopefully i can talk loud enough to drown out bob's burping. this past weekend my alma mater lehigh university fro went on to win!
2:59 pm
the mountain hawks simpleed the victory. >> dana: were they always mountain hawks? >> andrea: no. they were engineers before. that should have stayed with it. >> greg: engineers were offended. >> dana: bob, go or not go? >> bob: i'm going to pass here. >> dana: all right. i'll go. this the a segment you have been waiting for, jasper segment. not about my dog. this is about another dog. in england, u.k., anyone take camera three? jasper, in england they started the no cell transplant things and helped the paralyze dogs. miff segment doesn't matter because bob is -- my segment doesn't matter because bob is leaving the set because of the twinkie shake. i don't think a transplant will help him. he is gone. take wide shot here? we have no bob because of the twinkie shake. nice job, greg. >> greg: he wasn't supposed to drink the whole thing. that is four twinkies. you don't drink the whole shake.


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